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山东变频器维修:仔细做好软启动器的平时维修保养以及维修工作中,內容包括按时(如3个月)对软启动器开展除灰,重中之重是整流器柜、逆变电源柜和控制箱,必要时可将整流模块、逆变模块和控制柜内的线路板拆出后进行除尘。变频器下进风口、上出风口是否积尘或因积尘过多而堵塞。软启动器下进气口、上通风口是不是积灰或因积尘过多而阻塞。软启动器因自身 热管散热规定自然通风量大,故运作時间之后,面积尘非常比较严重,须按时清理除灰。

  Shandong Inverter Maintenance: Carefully do the usual maintenance and maintenance work of soft starter, including timely (for example, three months) to carry out the soft starter ash removal, the most important is the rectifier cabinet, inverter power cabinet and control box, if necessary, the rectifier module, inverter module and control cabinet circuit board will be removed after dust removal. Whether the lower air inlet and the upper air outlet of the frequency converter accumulate dust or are blocked by excessive dust accumulation. Is the lower inlet and upper vent of soft starter dirty or blocked by excessive dust? Soft starter has large natural ventilation capacity due to its own heat pipe heat dissipation, so it must be operated after a period of time, the area of dust is very serious, and it must be cleaned up on time.

  将软启动器前门开启, 侧门拆卸, 认真仔细交、直流电母线有没有形变、浸蚀、空气氧化,母线相接处螺钉有没有松动,各安裝支撑点处牢固螺钉有没有松动,固定用绝缘片或绝缘柱有无老化开裂或变形,如有应及时更换,重新紧固,对已发生变形的母排须校正后重新安装。

  Open the front door of the soft starter, dismantle the side door, carefully and carefully check whether the AC and DC buses are deformed, eroded, air oxidized, whether the bolts at the junction of buses are loosened, whether the bolts at the installation support points are loosened, whether the insulating sheet or the insulating column are aged, cracked or deformed, if any, timely replacement and re-tightening should be carried out, and the deformed busbar must be corrected after weight. New installation.


  After dust removal of circuit boards and busbar, necessary anti-corrosion treatment is carried out, insulation paint is painted, and burrs of busbar with partial discharge and arc are removed before treatment. The damaged part of the insulating plate that has been broken down must be removed. The insulating plate of corresponding insulation grade should be used to isolate the damaged part. The insulating plate should be tightened and tested, and it can be put into use only after it is considered qualified.


  Whether the operation and rotation of fans in rectifier cabinet and inverter power cabinet are normal or not, when shutdown, rotate by hand to check whether the rolling bearings are jammed or noisy, and remove or repair the rolling bearings when necessary.


  Full inspection of input, rectification, inversion and DC input fast melting was carried out, and timely replacement was found.


  If the capacitor in the middle DC circuit leaks, whether the shell expands, bubbles or deforms, whether the safety valve ruptures or not, the capacitance capacity, leakage current and withstand voltage can be tested conditionally, the capacitance that does not meet the requirements can be replaced, and the new capacitor or long-term idle unused capacitor must be passivated before replacement. The service life of the filter capacitor is generally five years. If the capacitance, leakage current and withstand voltage deviate from the test standard, the filter capacitor should be replaced partially or totally as appropriate.


  The secondary tube and GTO of rectifier and inverter power supply are tested by digital multimeter, and their forward and reverse resistance values are measured. The resistance values between the poles are recorded carefully in the pre-formulated tables to see if they are normal and if the device of the same type is in good consistency, and if necessary, they are replaced.


  Check the main contactor and other auxiliary contactors in the A1 and A2 wire entry cabinets, carefully observe whether the dynamic and static contacts of each contactor have arc, burr or surface oxidation, uneven, and find that such problems should be replaced corresponding dynamic and static contacts to ensure their safe and reliable contact.


  Check carefully whether the terminal row is aging and loosening, whether there is a hidden fault of short circuit, whether the connection of the connecting wires is firm, whether the wire skin is damaged or not, and whether the plugs and connectors of the circuit boards are firm. Whether the connection of the main power line is reliable, whether there is heating and oxidation at the connection, and whether the grounding is good.


  Whether the reactor has abnormal sound, vibration or paste.http://www.sdbczdh.com